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Tag Archives: france

Protesters disrupt French schools in Leonarda row

Schools in Paris and other French cities are being disrupted again by pupil protests over the removal of two foreign students from France. Protesters gathered on the French capital’s Bastille square, traditional meeting-place of the left, as some demonstrators clashed with riot police. Divisions have appeared among the ruling Socialists...
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‘Human trafficking ring’ broken up

Dozens of suspected people-traffickers have been arrested in Spain and France, suspected of smuggling Chinese migrants into Europe and US, police have said. The main bosses of the organisation, which was reportedly based in Barcelona, were among those arrested. Some 81 fake passports from countries around Asia were seized. Police...
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Senegalese prize-winner rejects French visa

After winning a free trip to France, Senegalese consultant Bousso Drame is saying “No, thank you.” Drame recently penned an open letter to the French consulate in Senegal claiming she was subjected to humiliating remarks and treated with suspicion when she applied for a visa. Her trip was sponsored by...
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Sarkozy: France has too many foreigners

French President Nicholas Sarkozy has said there are too many foreigners in France – and pledged to halve the number of immigrants arriving if he is re-elected later this year. His comments come as the presidential election campaign is already overshadowed by a row about French identity.   Read More...
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Determinants of Migrant Destinations.

By Austin Aneke Asian and African immigrants most times target European countries as their destinations. Nevertheless the tight and difficult immigration rules and procedures of their target countries create a two tier travel formula for these migrants to reach their destinations. They are the normal legal tier and the tortures illegal...
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