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Tag Archives: greece

Rally in Athens against Greece’s Golden Dawn

Some 3,000 people have taken part in a demonstration in the Greek capital Athens to protest against the rise of the neo-fascist party Golden Dawn. The protest, which brought together Greeks and immigrants, was part of a day of anti-racism events. Golden Dawn, exploiting public anger over the financial crisis,...
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Greek police crack down on immigration

Greek police have launched an operation to stop and search immigrants on the streets of Athens as part of the anti-immigration operation Xenios Zeus. Greece is now the main gateway into Europe for economic migrants with 130,000 people entering the country illegally in 2011. Since the operation was launched last...
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Immigrants Killed As Boat Capsizes Off Greece

Greek coastguards have retrieved the bodies of at least 18 immigrants who drowned in the northeast Aegean Sea after their boat capsized in choppy waters. Their rubber raft had set off from Turkey’s western shores, carrying its captain and 27 passengers, according to a survivor who was rescued near the...
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Golden Dawn: Anti-Neo-Nazi Protests In Athens

Activists from 20 countries have gathered in Athens to demonstrate against rising attacks by a neo-Nazi movement critics call the most dangerous in Europe. The protest is backed by scores of civil rights groups, anti-racist movements and imposing intellectuals, including Nobel laureates Dario Fo and Bernard Kouchner. It comes amid...
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Teenage migrants “trapped” in Greece

(IRIN) – By early evening, Alexandra Park in central Athens starts to fill up with young, male migrants. They gather on benches, and some even kick a ball around, but they are not here for recreation – this is where they sleep, hoping their numbers will provide some protection from...
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New research shows estimates of undocumented migrants in Greece to be greatly exaggerated

Athens-based researchers associated with the CLANDESTINO Project have challenged the frequently cited guestimates of 1-2 million irregular migrants living in Greece. In a new report posted on the project’s website they have set out an alternative assessment for 2011 which suggests figure of 390,000 as representing the upper range of...
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Euro crisis: UK plans for rise in immigrants

The Home Office is drawing up contingency plans to cope with a possible large increase in immigration from Greece if the euro collapses. Home Secretary Theresa May told the Daily Telegraph “work is ongoing” to restrict European immigration in the event of a financial collapse. She said “trends” were being...
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