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May rules out illegal immigration amnesty

Home Secretary Theresa May has quashed calls for an amnesty for illegal immigrants, arguing this would give “people the wrong message”. Some prominent Conservatives, including London Mayor Boris Johnson, have suggested the change, saying it could boost the economy. But Mrs May told The House magazine many communities felt illegal...
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Secret war on enemy within – British terror suspects quietly stripped of citizenship… then killed by drones

The Government has secretly ramped up a controversial programme that strips people of their British citizenship on national security grounds – with two of the men subsequently killed by American drone attacks. An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for The Independent has established that since 2010, the Home...
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Tory immigration policy is not doomed to fail – it is designed to do so

Theresa May’s recent tough talk as home secretary about “getting the immigration system back under control” has bolstered the Conservative party’s support from anti-immigration groups such as Migration Watch, but also forced business groups such as Universities UK to object that the “government’s tough rhetoric threatens to undermine the multibillion-pound...
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