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IOM, Italy Launch “AWARE MIGRANTS” Campaign

taly – “AWARE MIGRANTS,” an information campaign jointly developed by the Italian Ministry of Interior and the IOM Coordination Office for the Mediterranean in Rome, was launched yesterday (28 July). It aims to raise awareness among potential migrants about the dangerous journey across the desert and the Mediterranean. The campaign mainly...
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Clegg urges restrictions on new EU migrants

Nick Clegg is to call for tighter controls on migrants coming to the UK from new EU states, saying people have “lost faith” in the government’s ability to manage immigration. He will say new EU members must wait longer than the current seven-year limit before their citizens have the right...
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Lampedusa: Never again

The terrible migrant deaths off the Italian island have evoked horror across the continent. In a small camp in France, Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi talks to their fellow countrymen and women who have survived: their hopes, dreams, and learning to feel unwelcome in Europe. “Lots of journalists come and take pictures and...
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