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How does immigration affect crime?

BRITONS are anxiously awaiting the new year and the arrival, many fear, of tens of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians who will be allowed free access to Britain and other European Union countries from January 1st. Much of that fear is based on the idea that among those coming will...
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UK Council Election Result

English council results Party Councils Councillors Total Change+/- Total Change+/- Conservative 18 -10 1116 -335 Labour 3 2 538 291 Liberal Democrat 0 0 352 -124 Independent 0 0 165 24 United Kingdom Independence Party 0 0 147 139 Green Party 0 0 22 5 Residents Association 0 0 12...
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Hung Parliament.

By Austin Aneke It is official; the people have spoken through their votes, and it is a Hung Parliament. This means that no party won overall majority of 326 seats. If any party had 326 seats, it would have meant that it had more seats more than the rest of...
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