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Tag Archives: Poland

Child Benefit: £1m A Week For Children Abroad

Tens of thousands of children who live abroad but receive benefits claimed by immigrant families in Britain are costing British taxpayers more than £1m a week, campaigners claim. The research by Migration Watch UK comes after the Government admitted just under 30,000 families are claiming benefits and tax credit for...
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Polish becomes England’s second language

Polish is now the main language spoken in England and Wales after English and Welsh, according to 2011 census data released by the Office of National Statistics. The language-speaking figures recorded for the first time from a survey of 56.1 million residents of England and Wales show 546,000 now speak...
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A third of refugees in Poland may be homeless

A third of refugees granted asylum in Poland may be homeless forced to sleep in shelters, empty buildings, train stations or even night buses. Zeynab* and her twenty-something son Akhmad are two of those facing the problems identified in Refugee Homelessness in Poland, a pilot study conducted by the Institute...
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Young Poles ‘failing to integrate

The failure of young migrants to integrate with the community has been blamed for the closure of a Polish club in Northamptonshire. The ex-servicemen’s club on Winstanley Road, Wellingborough, was put on sale this week after a steady decline in the number of club members – despite the increased number...
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