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Tag Archives: south africa

Al-Bashir still in SA – report

Johannesburg – The mystery of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir’s whereabouts took another turn on Sunday evening, following earlier reports that he had left South Africa. According to Bloomberg, having earlier reported on Sunday that the Sudanese president had left the country, al-Bashir has since been seen by reporters at the...
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Shrien Dewani Extradited To South Africa

A British man suspected of arranging the murder of his new wife on honeymoon in South Africa has been extradited to face trial. Shrien Dewani was taken from Fromeside Hospital to Bristol Airport accompanied by officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Extradition Unit. Officers were met at the airport...
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Reverse migration slowing urbanization rates

Twenty years ago, South Africa’s cities were braced for a massive influx of rural migrants following the scrapping of apartheid-era pass laws which had restricted black people’s movements. Cities such as Johannesburg and Durban have indeed grown, but not at the phenomenal rates projected and others have hardly grown at...
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Deportations rob vulnerable of remittances

Thousands of Zimbabwean households are feeling the effects of lost remittances from family members forcibly returned from neighbouring South Africa since that country resumed deportations of undocumented Zimbabwean migrants in October 2011. Makaita Gwati, 60, from rural Chirumhanzi, about 90km from the provincial capital of Masvingo in southeastern Zimbabwe, relied...
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Asylum-seekers resort to border jumping

At the Beitbridge border post between Zimbabwe and South Africa, asylum-seekers from all over the continent used to jostle with Zimbabwean migrants to gain entry into a country widely perceived as a place of freedom and safety. But since border officials began turning away or arresting so-called “third-country nationals” seeking...
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Refugee children miss out on school

In the inner-city Johannesburg neighbourhood of Berea, where a large proportion of residents are refugees and asylum-seekers, it is not uncommon to see children playing football in the street or killing time at one of the local parks on a weekday. Judith Manjoro, an out-of-work teacher from Zimbabwe, teamed up...
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