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Quelling xenophobia in South Africa’s townships

(IRIN) – This week marks five years since tensions between foreigners and South Africans living in impoverished communities across the country erupted in xenophobic violence, leaving more than 60 people dead and tens of thousands displaced, their homes and businesses robbed and abandoned. Since May 2008, various initiatives have been...
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A third of refugees in Poland may be homeless

A third of refugees granted asylum in Poland may be homeless forced to sleep in shelters, empty buildings, train stations or even night buses. Zeynab* and her twenty-something son Akhmad are two of those facing the problems identified in Refugee Homelessness in Poland, a pilot study conducted by the Institute...
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ID Card Scheme Retained for Foreign Nationals.

The government plans for identity cards for British citizens to be scrapped within 100 days it was announced today.  The National Identity Register, the database which contains the biographic and biometric fingerprint data of card holders, would also be destroyed by the first piece of legislation introduced to Parliament by...
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