The Status of ‘Mixed Race’ in a Multicultural Society.




By Austin Aneke


I have watched and read with interest, the recent comments and arguments about being White, Mixed Race or Black emanating from the wave of successes of Barrack Obama, and Louis Hamilton. Some people claim that both are “mixed Race”.

The sociological truth is that there are two elements of RACE- the biological and the social elements. The biological element refers to the blood make up of the individual and the social element is the acceptability of the individual into a group by other groups in society especially the dominant group. The reasons for acceptance or rejection include culture, hatred, and feeling of superiority, domination, wickedness and ignorance. The biological and social elements must be satisfied before you can rightly classify an individual into a particular race. You can name it the necessary and sufficient conditions for race categorisation. The biological element is a physical reality, but it is the social element (acceptance or rejection) that uploads that reality into a race category. At this stage and depending on the group the biological beings concerned find themselves, they face love, affluence, greater hardship, hatred, discrimination, restrictions, etc. In other words your race category determines the kind of life you live. This is not necessarily the kind of life you wish to live, but the one you find yourself experiencing.

Drawing from the above analysis, both Barrack Obama, and Louis Hamilton are biologically mixed race, but are Black people in sociological contest. This is because they were uploaded into Black category by whatever reason and have lived their lives as such. The Spanish racists targeting Louis Hamilton are not seeing him as mixed race but Black guy. This is why they wear wigs and paint themselves black just to make him angry.. The concept of “mixed race” should not confuse you. It has no social significance. Most people referred  as mixed race are Black because of the net effect of the social element. Any attempt to re-classify Obama or Louis Hamilton amounts to trying to erode their entire lives or experiences simply because they have become highly successful. Both, have experienced life as black people and not “mixed race”. The morality or justification for classifying almost all individuals who have mixed blood as Black,  is a different matter altogether. The truth is that they have been rejected by the dominant culture of the society they live in and have lived their lives as members of the other sub-culture.

Austin Aneke

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