The Togo Team and African Nations Cup


Africans always look forward every other year for their Nations cup tournament. It has always been a time to watch both players playing abroad and the home grown lads showcase their talents. African football confederation has always tried to stage a good tournament and attempt to satisfy everyone.

Nevertheless every Nations cup tournament in recent times has become a time for mourning and arguments, in Europe, about not only the justification for the tournament but the timing. European clubs and Fans have always prayed and hoped that the countries that their African players represent, leave the tournament sooner rather than later. Those among them who watch the tournament pray for their players’ countries to lose their matches. Songs and euphoria always reverberate their clubs when these happen. Yakubu of Nigeria was once given a police escort to return to his former club to meet up the next game when he unceremoniously left his Nigerian Team in one of the recent tournaments. This attitude has also infected European journalists who are known to hunt and live by bad news. They are presently leading the campaign to have the present tournament canceled because of the shooting against the Togo team.

The incident involving the Togo team on their way to the tournament in Angola is not only unfortunate to the Togolese side but has provided a manure, fertilizer and raw material for British journalists  to clamour for the cancellation of the entire tournament. This is sadist to say the least. Africa is a developing continent and this sometimes reflects in her tournaments. Some of these problems and conflicts are rooted in colonialism and the West are the culprits. It is a sad situation. A sad, selfish and wicked world, brutal to the core and destabilizing for inward gains. We know that those players playing especially in the premier league were bought most expensively, but they were bought because of their talent and because Europe has serious vacuum for those talents. Why can’t Europe especially Britain show some respect for Arica in all sectors? The Munich Olympics was not cancelled because Israeli team members were murdered by terrorists.

The Angola tournament should go on and African players themselves should show greater patriotism, and altruism for the motherland. Africa has her problems but there will definitely come greater tomorrow.  

By Austin Aneke

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