These are the most useless passports in the world


It is no secret that the UK passport is amongst one of the strongest in the world, allowing access to 175 countries without a visa.**

That’s according to the Visa Restrictions Index, which compiled data from 218 countries and produced a list with 104 places (multiple countries tied in a position).

This year’s Index, along with the unique cumulative data from the last 11 years, gives an unprecedented into the development of visa policies over this time.

passportsHere are the passports you will have an incredibly hard time travelling on, with the brackets () indicating the number of countries that can be travelled to without a visa:

1. Afghanistan, rank 104, (25)

2. Pakistan, rank 103, (29)

3. Iraq, rank 102 (31)

4. Somalia, rank 101 (31)

5. Syria, rank 100 (32)

6. Libya, rank 99 (36)

7. Eritrea, rank 98 (37)

=. Ethiopia, rank 98 (37)

=. Iran, rank 98 (37)

=. Nepal, rank 98 (37)

=. Palestinian Territories, rank 98 (37)

=. Sudan rank, 98 (37)

Source- Indy 100 (the Independent)

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