Transnational Migrant Platform sets out its position on the Mauritius Global Forum


The Transitional Migrant Platform (TMP), a network supported by the Transnational Institute, has published a communiqué based on agreements reached by a meeting of Platform supporters earlier in October.

The communiqué, Reclaiming the Development Agenda: Migrants as Transnational Social Actors, anticipates the meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) which will be held in Mauritius later in November.

It argues that migrants are amongst the many victims of the current global economic crisis and are now being threatened with a serious reduction in their standard of life.  The communiqué points that “we are paid less for more hours of work; our work and residence permits become precarious or are cancelled; as undocumented we are criminalized and imprisoned or deported; in some cities in Europe we experience open racism on the streets and in our work places and we see the media and some parliaments give voice to racism, neo-Nazism and Islamophobia.”

Frameworks for international cooperation

The TMP states that “migrants need to participate in the development of new frameworks of mutual solidarity, alliance and co-operation and contribute in building a broad convergence of movements committed to develop economic, political and social alternatives.”  Amongst these new movements it lists in Europe the Firenze 10+10 process (Nov 8-11) and the Alter Summit being planned for 2013.  At the global level the Asia-Europe Peoples Forum (October 2012), the Global Forum on Migration and Development- GFMD (November 2012), the World Social Forum on Migration(November 2012) and the World Social Forum (March 2013) are also seen as “important opportunities to engage and advance joint plans of action towards building alternatives.”

With regard to the Mauritius GFMD the communiqué points out that the November meeting will be an opportunity to consider the situation in the field of migration and development before the convening of the UN High Level Dialogue in New York next year.  It argues that this should result in “binding agreements” on the part of governments across the world on matters concerning the rights of migrants.

UN to take lead monitoring role

It urges the establishment of a “UN monitoring and reporting unit under the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) with responsibility for ‘red alert’ areas of crimes against migrant and refugee communities and populations in mobility – in such areas as the Mediterranean Sea between North Africa and Europe, on the Mexico-US border and other global areas where extreme poverty and hunger as well as war and climate change are forcing large numbers of people to move and seek refuge and livelihood.”

It concludes by calling for a renewal of momentum on the part of national governments to ratify the 1990 UN Migrant Workers Convention as well as ILO Convention 189 for the protection of all Domestic Workers, including Migrant Domestic Workers, and to follow Uruguay, the Philippines and Mauritius and accelerate the process of ratification.

The communiqué is currently circulating in draft form – see the attached file.  It has been signed by 27 organisations which attended the TMP meeting in Amsterdam.  The TMP is inviting organisations in solidarity with migrants who did not attend the meeting to signal their support for the communiqué and to allow their names to be appended to the document in the form which will go to the Mauritius GFMD.

If you would like to record your support for the communiqué, please contact


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