UK and India to build modern partnership based on shared challenges


As the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins his first official visit to the UK, the 2 leaders will seek to open a new chapter in the UK-India relationship, focused on building a modern partnership between our 2 countries, based on tackling shared challenges and promoting mutual prosperity.

Welcoming the Indian Prime Minister to the UK, David Cameron will say that the UK and India should work to make our strong partnership even stronger.

The Prime Minister will set out how Britain is already the largest investor in India among the G20 countries, with India investing more in the UK than it does in the rest of the EU combined. That’s making a difference to people’s lives, creating jobs, generating growth and making our economies more secure. But there is scope to go so much further. The Prime Minister will make clear that’s why this visit will see UK companies announcing new deals in India that will have them training more Indian workers, expanding businesses and ensuring new markets for British design and innovation.

Ahead of the visit, David Cameron said:

This isn’t just a historic visit; it’s a historic opportunity. It’s an opportunity for 2 countries, tied by history, people and values, to work together to overcome the biggest challenges of our age. Prime Minister Modi and I intend to grab that opportunity with both hands. Because in doing so, we can make 2 of the greatest countries in the world even greater.

With billions of pounds of commercial deals expected to be signed in the coming days, announcements will focus on building a relationship of shared prosperity including:

  • plans for the UK to become a centre of offshore Rupee bonds – with Indian companies expected to announce the intention to issue debt denominated in their own currency in London
  • a partnership to develop 3 ‘smart cities’ in India – delivering UK expertise to India and bringing opportunities to UK firms
  • UK to lend expertise to Indian efforts to leverage private sector infrastructure investment and increase ease of doing business

During talks in Downing Street today, the Prime Ministers will discuss a wide range of issues, including how we can help each other realise our ambitions for the future of our 2 countries through investment, innovation and and India

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