UK, Emergence From Recession and Immigrant Life.


United Kingdom is out from recession. This is good news notwithstanding that she has done it by mere 0.1%. She is the last to emerge from recession among the G20 countries. It has also been the longest recession for about 50years.
Nevertheless, and as good as the news may sound when you consider the country as an organic whole; it is clear that some groups feel the opposite and are hopeless, judging by their unique circumstances. These groups include the unemployed, the unskilled doing menial and hard labour, immigrants who have the right to work but without indefinite Leave to Remain in UK, and undocumented immigrants aka illegal immigrants. I assume here that if you are classified as unemployed, it automatically implies that you have the right to work, a citizen of Uk, or someone with Indefinite leave to remain. If you are a citizen of Uk or have Indefinite Leave to Remain you are legally covered and protected by enormous welfare arrangements and support if you become unemployed.
This posting, attempts to discuss the unprotected situations of first, those who have the right to work but do not have Indefinite Leave to remain and second, illegal or undocumented immigrants. Those people in the earlier category, though with right to work are always in danger of destitution and/or dependence on relatives if and when they become unemployed or lose their jobs. They include the Work permit holders, HSMP participants, Tier 1 Visa holders to mention a few. These guys normally have the tag-No recourse to public funds embedded on their Visa, and their Limbo status lasts between 5-8years, before they qualify for ILR- a position that accords them greater socio-economic rights and status. The position of this category of immigrants is made worse during recession, because;
a) They are the last to be hired but the first to be fired.
b) As I have already explained, they do not have recourse to public funds, when they assume unemployed position.
It is important to emphasis that this category of immigrants never intends to rely on benefits when they travel or arrive in Uk, but situations where they would have loved to have state support inevitably arise, during their limbo years. Such time is definitely recession period, especially if they become unemployed.
Furthermore, the undocumented migrants constitute the most vulnerable, because they have no right to seek work or take up employment under any circumstances. Some of them whom their cases are still being considered qualify for vouchers to help them subsist, but cannot work. Most of these migrants live off charities and a lot of them are already destitute. In other words pre-recession, recession, and post recession periods have not and do not make any difference in the life of this category of immigrants, because they cannot work nor have basic rights. The irony of it is that most of them are highly skilled professionals needed in different sectors of UK economy. They are 3rd world talents made destitute in 1st world territory. Consequently coming out from recession means little or nothing to this category of homosapiens living amongst us, because they live permanently in recession economically, socially and mentally.
Austin Aneke

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