Union Jack Debt- (Poem by Nelofar)


Union jack debt

My homeland was like my mother

Its sand,water and mountains were a fairytale

I believed it will remain for ever

But it was my dream

Events started to happen against my wishes and plans

My blood went against me

My friends became my enemies

Grief and fears covered me like black thunderous clouds


I prayed in the nights and you blessed with a way out

It was the land of the UNION JACK

Which received me with a smile and took care

Embraced me in its arms and gave me warmth as as mother would

I got comfort and shelter with no fear or tears in my eyes

And i started respecting it as my second mother land


I feel all this like a debt on my shoulders

Which i have to repay

Not in form of cash or coin

In the form of COMMITMENT

Nothing else but LOYALTY

LOYALTY to this land and QUEEN


Bless me a long life

I promise to accomplish this commitment

As a proud daughter of this land

I will never let this flag down

Which helped me in my difficult times

Held my hand when i needed

I will hold it with my both hands to keep it high and fly

Till my last breath


Bless me a long life

To honour my words and to repay this debt

The debt to the UNION JACK


Asylum Seeker (Swansea,Wales)

Nass Ref No (09/08/00137/001)


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