Will It be an anti-Climax?


Tony Blair will appear before the Iraq Inquiry in London tomorrow 29th January. His former Attorney-General was there yesterday and his performance was a semi-anticlimax. Will Blair finish it up and perform to full anti-climax tomorrow 29th Janaury considering the enormous pressure and frenzy being mounted by British press? He is a barrister and his former attorney General- Goldsmith is also a man of the Bar. We saw how he was almost educating the chilcot men on questions of law, and how he dismissed allegations of being under pressure to change his mind on the legality of the war.
The problem with some of the officials who had appeared recently especially the former top lawyers of the foreign/Home departments was that they created the impression that the Top guys are already guilty. It was like- I told you I was right to resign and you were wrong to have called the war the way you did. Their stand before the war was their opinion and belief and can’t be construed as the truth or the LAW. The INQUIRY is expected to make its conclusions later, and should be allowed to do so.
I predict that T.Blairs appearance tomorrow will be an anti-climax, and I pray the INQUIRY does not dissolve into whitewash even before it releases its overall findings. This is because Tony’s performance may douse a lot of expectations and the panel may be made to look ordinary.

Austin Aneke

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